Historical hydraulic engineering objects

Historical hydraulic engineering objects uncover their secrets to lovers of technology, and to active tourists with an avid interest in the world. Power plants, bridges, channels, sluices, dams and mills spreading throughout the entire region are evidence of the development of hydraulic engineering in the Pomorskie region. The route of the monuments of hydraulic engineering are arranged in order and encourages visitors to make a fascinating journey. It invites not only enthusiasts of technical solutions but also all other tourists travelling on water – in canoes or barges, motorised ones travelling by car or bike, as well as walkers. Hydraulic engineering monuments in the Pomeranian landscape are considered works of art in the engineering area and many of them are monuments of the material culture. In the time of computers and automation, these technical solutions are surprising and fascinating. It is worthwhile to go and see them for yourself. The route of hydraulic engineering monuments includes an impressive number of attractions. It contains a range of objects with varied functions and history, joined by a single goal, i.e. to subjugate water and use its power for human needs. The most important groups of objects worth visiting are: hydroelectric power stations on the Słupia and Łupawa. It is impossible to see them all in the course of one visit! They provide a good reason to return to the Route.

Historical hydraulic engineering objects in Pomorskie Region

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